Evermore Cups is an eco friendly business, and we were astonished by how many single use coffee cups were ending up in our landfill.
Up to One Billion, yes that is correct!  Can you believe it?

Our brand provides an alternative to assist in conquering change. We believe there is so much unnecessary packaging and if it’s not Green then its not Clean!

We have incorporated a less is more attitude with our recyclable packaging

On an environmental and friendly note
Single use Coffee Cups is one dilemma for our environment, there are many others we also need to be thinking about.
Together we can be mindful and responsible for our daily decisions towards a healthy environment, because we can make a difference.

Let’s be innovative together and introduce eco-friendly lifestyle changes.

Show your support in clean air, clean oceans, less waste and protect our ecosystem

Thank you for purchasing your reusable cup, and for making a conscious decision to stand up and be a leader in Reduce, Reuse and Recycle